Our Story

It all began on Thursday, May 22, 2014, when Elder Tim Reese, under the leadership of the Holy Spirit, and the support of his wife, Sister Regina, began having bible class at the Oak Park Community Center in Oak Park, MI. This coming together of different people, from all walks of life, was held consistently, every Thursday at 7:00 p.m. These services were so POWERFUL and ANOINTED people could not wait until the next service. We continued at this location until it was simply too small to accommodate the many people who continued to attend weekly.

Recognizing the blessings of God on this ministry and the need to accommodate the many souls that would soon be attending service, on July 31, 2014, Bible Class was relocated to a classroom at Holy Cross Lutheran Church, located at 14213 Whitcomb Street, Detroit, MI. It was during this time that the Lord instructed for everyone to be under one roof and on September 16, 2014, we were registered and incorporated as Amazing Grace International (Amazing Grace Ministries), the very name that God had given us, under the leadership Elder Timothy Reese. Bible Class continued, just under a new name. It was at this time that people begin to call Amazing Grace their “church home”.

Being ever so prayerful and obedient to the word of God, Amazing Grace had moved to the basement of Holy Cross and reconfigured the space with new furniture, sound, and music equipment. After just a couple weeks of preparation, Amazing Grace was able to transform an outdated music room, into a beautiful sanctuary, where weekly Sunday Morning Worship services began on Sunday, December 7, 2014, at 10:15 a.m.

Just as Amazing Grace had moved to holding two services each week, with most services reaching its capacity, we informed that the building would be sold in just TWO WEEKS and that we would need to move, again. Whether than worry about where Amazing Grace would go, we continued to do as we did from day one: seek the Lord for guidance and direction.

Just as we came upon the final week with no place to call “home”, the Lord opened yet another door, with an even bigger space. After a few weeks of repairs and renovations, on March 15, 2015, Amazing Grace moved all its operations to the Chapel of Bushnell Congregational Church at 15000 Southfield Fwy, Detroit, MI. The leadership of Amazing Grace had negotiated an unprecedented agreement that would allow use exclusive usage of the Chapel for the next 16 months, RENT FREE! During this time, we continued to see unprecedented growth in numbers and additional fellowship activities. People would hear the service driving or walking down the street, and at the moving of God, walk right inside. And it didn’t just stop with them, or one visit; they returned again and brought their family and friends too.

The planning and execution of community activities had already begin taking shape when the Lord saw fit to move Amazing Grace, again. On Tuesday, July 21, 2015, Amazing had learned that it would need to move from its current facility no later than October 30, 2015. After witnessing the mighty move of God, we didn’t worry, we put it in God’s hands. That very afternoon, after learning Amazing Grace would need to move, with God’s guidance and complete control, some members of the leadership team begin looking at buildings to purchase. The leadership met with one of the seller’s and toured a building currently for sale, with two other buyers with higher bids then what Amazing Grace had. Despite the opportunity for more money from two other bidders, the seller had a “strong” urging to make the deal with Amazing Grace and on that Friday, July 24, just three days after learning we would need to leave, we had signed a purchase agreement for Amazing Grace’s home.

So with the help of the Lord and the support of not only the members of Amazing Grace, but its support from around the country, and after only five months at Bushnell, Amazing Grace held its first service in its new home at 24699 Grand River Avenue, Detroit, MI on Sunday, September 7, 2015. In less than one year of existence, Amazing Grace is the owner of its building. It was NOTHING but the Grace of God that brought us this far.